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This package is for existing accounts that want to continue growth. Engage and grow your Instagram community with curated and new content!

Package includes:
● 40 unique Instagram posts/month (curated and/or original content)
● Daily focused replies and engagement with followers
● Daily follower growth through outreach and engagement with potential new followers

Optional at no additional cost:
● Reposting on Facebook and Twitter (no additional fee)

Optional with additional fees:
● Custom-designed content
● Instagram flyers
● Instagram Ads
● Contests
● Cross promotion coordination with partner accounts

NOTE: This package is for business-type accounts only. This is not for personal accounts. Please see my coaching services if you would like help with your personal account.

Getting started

○ What are your overall goals?

○ What benchmarks are you trying to hit and in what timeframe?

○ Topic suggestions or general guideline of content you would like to see

○ Summary of organization, brand guide, media kit, promotional materials, videos, iconography, etc... i.e. any pertinent materials existing that show brand voice.

○ Summary of your intended audience

○ Access to social media platforms, tracking and metrics accounts